When is it okay to be Me?


Photographer Unknown

Watching every word

Every action

Lest I make a mistake

Or be in the wrong

Some prisons

Are not made of bars

Or stone

The jailer, has long since been gone

In his place

Is a ghost, a whisper

of a past shame

Of an imaginary offense

The enforcer

Though absent he be

A “mindset”

Still remains

Yet there is hope

And a key

When we answer ourselves

When is it okay to be me?

Future Paths





Photographer Unknown

We know not

The correct path we should take

Nor, the obstacles

That get in our way


Many of us are blind

Until, a suddenly happens

The fog dissappears

And we see a ray of light


Never lingering long

Just a whisper of

An ancient ryhyme

Coming down from above


The tune is sweet

May we hear it

This is the way

Walk ye in it


Oh, but beware

Like the coin

With two sides

The other option can be filled with lies


May our souls remember

What our eyes have forgotten

That we be not ensnared

And are dreams not hearken





A Lovers Touch

Photographer Unknown

Heart racing, breath quickened

How long, had she been touched

By a man, who wrote poetry

On her body


No space, did he overlook

She was like

A blank page

Awaiting his pen


To Write

In Words

Only what his tongue

Could Express


That she was the fire

That fed his only need

All the while

Her senses trembled in anticipation

To the story

Only he could write

Deeply within

Her secrets spilled out


Like wine upon his lips

The sweetest surrender

To a battle she lost

Before he even began

Tired of Running

Photographer Unknown



In life, you can only run so far

Before what you fear

Catches up to you

One way or another

Hiding, doesn’t help

It only delays

And the battle will come

When you least expect it

The numbness of not feeling

Though valued for a time

Hinders that, which we hunger for most

To be loved

It allows us to be fooled

            Until you feel the stirrings of your emotions

                        And for better or worse

                                    The fears come

You feel hopeless and unarmed

            Running to go hide

                        Is the first instinct

                                    Yet we long for one, who won’t let us

A safe harbor, is what I need

            To unleash my tears

                        A light, to help set things straight

                                    A warrior, to love, and fight by my side


Don’t let me run

            Nor let me lie to myself

                        Just hold me tight

                                    Even though I push away


I want to trust you

            I want to love you fiercely

                        But I am at a loss

                                    On how to proceed


Every move I make to protect others

            Requires an answer from me

                        I don’t have

                                    Not logically


I thought, I was alive

            Until I met you

                        But you made me feel

                                    And I am no longer asleep


So now, the battle has come

            And I have no way

                        To properly explain all that I’m feeling

                                    Just know, I’m tired of running






Hidden in Plain Sight

Photographer Unknown

Learning to hide

Was one of the first lessons

Life taught her

At a very young age

Away from those

Who would do her harm

And those who could not see her

 For the gift she truly was

Whether the mask she wore

Or the attempts at being the wall flower

Or simply, by sheer luck

Finding the right spot

She could always be found by those

Who were looking for light

Amongst the shadows

Hidden in plain sight

Cleansing Rains


It doesn’t matter

What came first

the mistake

or the shame


She hated

the involuntary response

of her thinking



There were good days

and bad

Moments of bliss

and then, the lie


But thankfully

She was stronger now

than her past

as opposed to the yesterdays


For now, she knew

Trials would take place

But so did

the cleansing rains


the girl I haven’t met — The Lonely Author

This little thing is dedicated to my future girlfriend….. . the girl I haven’t met . Tonight I fantasized about the girl I haven’t met As my personal muse she’ll be an inspiring poet Writing the softest verses as silky as her hosiery She will wear elegant metaphors like fine jewelry Gondolas transport love poems […]

via the girl I haven’t met — The Lonely Author

A love affair with the Morning


Artist Unknown

Another day

Another chance

To rise to the occasion

To start anew

Gone is yesterday

And the mistakes it entailed

While the brew of the dawn

Incites my senses

And stirs my passions

Greets me with its warmth

So it should be no mystery why

I have a love affair with the morning



Artist Unknown

She wanted to believe in fairytales

That love truly exists

Yet, here she was

In an unfamiliar place


Where was the hero?

Or the godmother?

Even a kindly sprite

To see her pain


A kind word

Perhaps a magic spell

The briefest of hopes

Of a warm embrace


Tired of pretending

She was always strong

Exhausted from the journey

As tears rolled down her face


She was worthy, Was she not?

Why then was she the one wounded

While her advisary

Stood and mocked


She vowed to remain

Kind and good

Because she knew

What it was liked, to be overlooked



In this Kiss


Photographer Unknown

in her thoughts

he played with her mind

as she recalled that moment

a thousand times


the rain

his smell

his warmth

his kiss


she melted instantly

into his body

barely a space between

and she blushes, at the recollection


so much longing

and hunger

could exist in a moment

that she surrenders all


the fire builds

from the faintest of sparks

everything she wanted is

in this kiss