Passing the Test


Before the breakthrough

There is always a test

A distraction

That catches us off guard


Oftentimes, we don’t see it coming

Will we take

Less than what we asked?

Or settle, and wonder what if?


Keep steadfast in thy gaze

And remind yourself of your goal

Not all that glitters is gold

Or is the answer to your call


Pay attention to your spirit

Let peace be your guide

Fear not the doubts of others

Or the naysayers tongue


For the test is yours, not theirs

And how you fare

How you choose

Determines if you pass or not





I have fought to be myself.


And I will no longer pay for a crime I did not commit.
My past is just that. You are the ones who abused me.
Yes, you know who you are.
The scars you created are vanishing.

And no longer allowed to poison my heart, my mind, my soul, or my future.

Your actions could have destroyed me.
But God had a plan.
Yes I am broken.
Yes, my soul has changed. . . . . . For the better.

Because in my brokeness, God made me beautiful.

I am who I am.

My light and grace are strong within me.
I’ve been through the fire.
And came out possessing my own.
What the enemy meant for harm.

God took it, and made me a warrior.


Is it True?


Ever wonder what happens when you make a wish?


It is said

That it will come true

If you believe


But how can we believe

In something we haven’t seen?


Oh but you have


You saw it in your heart

And if you don’t doubt

It will come


But Beware!


Imitations arrive

To confuse you

So be clear


For our wishes, are our prayers

The Unanswered Prayer


Photographer Unknown

Oh, how I loved him

Or so I thought

He had my heart

Yet, he asked for it not


I tried to prove my worth

In action. word, and in deed

But it wasn’t enough

At least, not for me


I could not blame him

For decisions I made on my own

Yet, my heart was broke

More than just a groan


I prayed, I asked with all my heart

That God would answer me

However, no answer came

Only my tears, and my disappointment


But one day

As if with new eyes I saw

I knew, I was a gift

That he just couldn’t see


So, I said my goodbyes

And cried my tears

Not sure what to expect

Amongst all my doubts and fears


But God knew

And He had a plan

It’s hard to debate the divine

Even though we try


Funny how our logic, falls short

When One knows best

So, I will thank Him

For my own, Unanswered Prayer


Knowing I won’t have to strive

Or lasso the moon

To receive the love

From His best!




A Little Adventure


Artist Unknown

I am not sure, what inspired Bilbo Baggins

To go on his adventure with the Dwarfs


Is it a curiosity

A longing to break free

Of our comfortable lives

To discover something new

About the world, and ourselves


Each step, brings us closer to a new discovery

Of truth, that could not be seen

From whence we were


The shadows of the unknown

Require a determined step

To discover what they hide

Oftentimes, it is not pretty

Nor is it safe


But what is safety? Anyway?

And what are we hiding from?




Thank goodness!!

That a tale can take us

Where our feet may not go


Some call it courage

Some go to escape

But each time we go

We never come back the same


May I always look

For the untraveled path

That my eyes may see

And my heart know

All that is truly important

Whenever I go on , A Little Adventure

For my soul

Bears it’s best fruit

When I do

Quotes to Inspire


Poets, the original story tellers.


The Story of


Most of them start out

With the familiar phrase of

“Once Upon A Time”

Or so we’ve read and heard

A moment of the past

Or an introduction

To an important event

Tales of humans

or fantasy folk

Whom we know

And few we grow to love

This happens everyday

Not just in fairy tales

Or in monomyth’s

But available in newspapers

Social Media

Our Pictures

Our precious memories

Of our everyday lives

Perhaps we just need a little bit of pixie dust

And a little bit of faith

For our eyes to see

The wonder of these moments

That seem to only happen

Once upon a time

For time is not controlled

By us

or anyone

Yet serves as a reminder

To embrace

Every moment

For we know not

Whose tale is being told

Our’s or another’s

Yet together with many

It is a story of us


Tales that Tell


Oh what delight have I found

That mere words doth speak

Tales of courage

And loves so deep


Where Kings were Kings

And honor sought

As if life depended on it

And trials were fought


Oh what power did I discover

That which I knew not

I had within me when words were spoken

Or when they were wrote


I do not have all the answers, truth be told

So please, don’t make a fuss

This life is not easy

But what fools would it make us, if it was?


Would we treasure each joy and smile

And all good that can’t be bought

Or rejoice when love is returned

From one, whom it was sought


I chuckle a little, to myself

For this much I can say

We all have a tale of our own

But what will it tell of us, someday?


“Real Men”

Sharing this, because….. well it’s just brilliant, and didn’t know that it was okay to share. Please enjoy this amazing poet’s words.

Max Meunier

a cringeworthy lyric
gave me pause

for i was stricken
by the oddest notion

it was a moment
in which all
frames of reference
were at my disposal

“what makes a real man?”
i pondered…

protecting loved ones
defending honor
voicing truth

as i stood there
i began to see
that it mattered not
how many traits
i listed
for right then i suddenly realized

the only real men
i had ever known

were women

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Ode to a New Year


Once upon a time

I held on to my past

Now, I let the pain, and the bad go

And keep the lessons and the good with me

In the present.


It does not serve me or others

Nor does it have place in my future


Yet, I reorganize my thoughts

My emotions

My goals

Vigorously refocusing  on

My dreams and my heart


And that has become, my haven


Chaos and a confused world

May try to make me doubt

But the truth remains

I am alive!

I have worth!

Beauty still exists in the world

And hope still thrives


It gives one much to be thankful for


Now I begin a new chapter

Blank, for now though it may be

Soon adventures

And discoveries

New beginnings

Like an old Sage’s story

Will fill its pages


But what story will it tell?


Will you, my love?

Find me this year

and walk with me?

There is so much to see

And beside you

Taking it all in

Is where I want to be.